3-D Mammograms Help Detect Cancer Early — But One Thing Is Keeping Women from Getting Them

Early detection is one of the most important tools for fighting breast cancer (or any other type of cancer). The disease has a tendency to spread to other areas of the body, so treating it quickly is important. This is the mindset of doctors and breast cancer support groups in Wyandotte County, Kansas, which has a higher breast cancer mortality rate than any other county in the state. Professionals in Wyandotte County have been working to change that statistic, however, through 3-D mammograms.

A task force of medical professionals at Johnson County Imaging Center has teamed up with Art Bra KC to increase early detection of breast cancer in the area. The center is home to a 3-D mammography machine that allows doctors to analyze images of breasts at all angles. The machine can peer through dense breast tissue that 2-D models can’t.

Photo: Adobe Stock/auremar
Photo: Adobe Stock/auremar

“We’re hoping we can pick [cancerous tumors] up much quicker, when they’re only millimeters in size instead of centimeters in size,” Dr. Kimberly Roys, doctor at the imaging center, told Overland Park Fox affiliate KCTV.

While 3-D mammograms are significantly more effective at detecting breast cancer early than 2-D mammograms, the procedure isn’t generally covered by insurance. That may change soon, but in the meantime, 3-D mammogram costs are a real patient concern. Art Bra KC partnered with the imaging center to reduce the price of the new mammograms to $49 in an effort to get more women in the door.

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