3-Year-Old With Breast Cancer Shocks Doctors

A little girl just three years old shocked doctors when the lump in her chest turned out to be a rare form of breast cancer.

Yan Yan’s mother, from Shandong, China, was worried when she found red discharge on the chest area of her daughter’s shirts. She continued to find the sticky discharge until she decided to take Yan Yan to the doctor. Doctors said that Yan Yan must be experiencing early puberty and advised her mother to stop giving her dietary supplements. But the mother hadn’t been giving her daughter supplements, so she sought a second opinion.

When mother and daughter went to Jiangsu People’s Hospital, doctors found a lump in Yan Yan’s left breast as well as a swollen lymph node.

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A biopsy showed that Yan Yan had secretory breast carcinoma, a rare, slow-growing cancer. Thankfully, Breast Care Specialist Tang Jin Hai was able to remove the tumor and still preserve Yan Yan’s mammary glands. The little girl is now cancer-free and expected to make a complete recovery.

Secretory breast carcinoma was thought to occur only in juvenile patients when it was initially studied in 1966, but it has since been found in adult women with a range of ages.

Yan Yan was not the first 3-year-old to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but she is the youngest Chinese person to have secretory breast carcinoma in the last 50 years.

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We are so glad that little Yan Yan is healthy now and that her mother worked to get her an accurate diagnosis. We hope that’s the last surgery Yan Yan has to have in a long, happy life!

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