18 Sessions of Chemo, 365 Hats, And $24,000 For Breast Cancer

In July 2014, Sara Cutting of Brighton, United Kingdom, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 46. Despite surgery to remove a tumor and 18 weeks of chemotherapy, this brave woman took her diagnosis in a positive light and helped raise more than $24,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

How did she do it? She shaved her head before undergoing chemo. Then, every day from Oct. 14, 2014, to Oct. 14, 2015, she shared a selfie of her wearing a zany hat. No matter how Cutting felt, she always posted a picture once per day. After the amazing photo shoot, she decided to keep her head shaved as she became a social activist for medical causes in Great Britain. These are some of the results of her inspirational endeavor.

Always a Smile

Most of Cutting’s Instagram posts have funny jokes as captions. Her slogan is “Now go check your bits.”


She’s the Queen

Cutting is already the queen of our hearts, so her silly headgear takes her moniker to a new level as if she’s wearing a crown.


Some hats have words or a simple message, while many of them are just plain wild and crazy.


Never a Dull Photo

No matter what hat she chooses, Cutting never has a dull moment as she displays her sunny attitude.


Various Subjects

Some hats have sports themes, while others have feathers or streamers. Many of them look like stylish hats to wear to a polo match or afternoon tea. Cheers!


Puns and Plays on Words

The funniest hats make plays on words with breast cancer.


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Christmas Time

Cutting gets in the holiday spirit with several Christmas-themed hats each year.


Breast Cancer Foiled Again

Cutting proves that breast cancer did not diminish her spirit even through her roughest days of treatment.


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