4 Foods That May Help Fight Cancer

Everyone is susceptible to cancer, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. While eating well will not necessarily prevent you from getting cancer, it can help to strengthen your immune system, making your body overall healthier and better able to fight off disease. Eat these foods to boost your immune system:

This bulb has been found to help reduce the risk of cancer in the digestive organs. This strong herb contains anticarcinogens arginine, oligosaccharide, flavonoids and selenium. Add some garlic to your pastas and veggie dishes for a dash of potentially disease-fighting goodness.

This green vegetable contains sulforaphane, a compound that helps your body build defenses against stress, DNA damage and inflammation. It also helps to defend the body from shock in high-temperature situations. Add some broccoli to your next stir fry and you're giving your body an extra bit of protection. 

Berries are full of antioxidants, which work with your body to stop it from creating dangerous free radicals that can be damaging to your cells. They also contain phytochemicals that slow the growth of premalignant cells and can potentially help stop the growth of tumors. Try having a half a cup of berries per day, fresh or frozen.

Lycopene is a red pigment that is naturally found in the body. It also gives tomatoes their bright color. This pigment has been found to act like an antioxidant and possibly help prevent cancerous cell growth. Tomatoes also contain vitamin C and potassium, which are beneficial for your body. Cook this veggie to get the most nutrients out of it because when it is heated your body is better able to absorb the lycopene. 

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