4 Teens Become Breast Cancer Researchers

Of the 40 people who make up the finalist list of the national Intel Science Talent Search competition, four of them are young breast cancer researchers. These teens all have different reasons for pursuing this research field.

According to the Washington Post, 17-year-old Sara Sakowitz became involved in breast cancer research after multiple family members died from the disease. She developed a biochemistry project that examines protein inhibitors to discover how they can be used to treat metastatic breast cancer.

Natalie Ng created a statistical model to understand how breast cancer cells spread by predicting their movement. She was motivated by the fact that some women who undergo chemotherapy don’t benefit from the therapy. The goal of her project it to create more precise treatment processes.

Student Esha Maiti’s own grandmother died from breast cancer at age 63. To learn how the cancer cells spread, she developed a mathematical model that charts the size and growth rate of tumors.

Lastly, Angela Xiangyue Kong’s cat originally inspired her interest in science, because she was curious why some felines had spots and others didn’t. However, now she is in the big leagues because of her research to learn how normal cells transform into cancer cells.

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