Wig Wisdom: 7 Tips To Ditch The Itch

No one get excited about their hair falling out—at least not anyone we’ve heard of so far. But choosing a wig style that’s ready to go when you are? That could be something to get pumped about.

The nice thing about wearing a wig is that it lets you decide if and when you’re going to talk about treatment to the people you run into while you’re out and about. Rocking a shaved head is great, as are cute hats and head-wraps, but you may get looks you don’t have the time or energy to deal with. Wigs can help you (stylishly) fade into the background.

But as nice as it sounds to have an on-call hairstyle or two, there’s a downside to wig wearing that has many enthusiasts ditching the hair after an hour or less: the itchiness. Oh, the itchiness! Constantly adjusting and scratching your head really takes away from the illusion of natural hair, and it’s supremely irritating. But before you throw your wig in the trash and decide to hide out until treatment is over, try one of these 7 tips for ditching the itch:

Photo: AdobeStock/erllre
Photo: AdobeStock/erllre

1. Invest In Your Scalp

Generally, you get what you pay for, and that’s true when it comes to wigs. Especially if you plan on wearing your wig often or for long periods of time, paying a bit more for a high-quality wig can save you lots of discomfort. Check with your insurance company and/or hospital to find out about options that may be both high-quality and in your budget.

Photo: pixabay/3dman_eu
Photo: pixabay/3dman_eu

2. Consider Synthetic

A wig made from real human hair is not necessarily the best choice. A high-quality synthetic wig can be more comfortable, and will wash more easily, than one made from natural hair. Plus, synthetic wigs are more budget-friendly.

Photo: AdobeStock/caftor
Photo: AdobeStock/caftor

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