8 of The Most Helpful and Informative Articles Featured on The Breast Cancer Site

The Breast Cancer Site is proud to be a source many turn to for support in the fight against breast cancer. No matter where you are in the battle, know that you’re not alone! Part of what we do here is not only provide uplifting stories to inspire our readers, but we love to present helpful and informative articles for everyone the help spread awareness. Maybe there is an article in this list you haven’t come across, yet?

Take the time to read through some of our best articles. The more all of us know about breast cancer, the better we can become as ambassadors to spread awareness, and warriors to defeat it once and for all!

8. These Red Flag Symptons Could Point to Cancer

Flickr/ COM SALUD Agencia de comunicacion
Flickr/ COM SALUD Agencia de comunicacion
“Although some seemingly minor and irritating aspects of your health may be annoying, doctors frequently warn patients about 10 potential signs that they could have cancer. These signs don’t mean you automatically have cancer, but…”
You may want to look into these symptoms, just in case!

7. 12 Signs You Need More Magnesium In Your Diet

Photo credit: The Breast Cancer Site
Photo credit: The Breast Cancer Site
“Magnesium deficiency is a condition that is often overlooked, yet it can be the cause or a contributing factor to several health problems…”
Make sure you’re not experiencing these signs and take a look at this list!

6. What Is The Link Between Breast Cancer And This Type Of STD?

Wikimedia Commons / Nephron
Wikimedia Commons / Nephron
“A new study from researchers at the University of New South Wales adds to evidence that the human papillomavirus, or HPV, is linked to some forms of breast cancer….”
Find out what other important details there are to know here!

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