8 Quick Workouts for When You Think You’re Too Busy to Work Out

Bond With Baby While Burning and Toning

Got a brand new bundle of joy? Stroller running and walking is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby while getting in your cardio and strength training. Running and walking are low-intensity, and they affect every muscle in your body. Pushing that stroller along is an added bonus, as the resistance gives your muscles and heart a good challenge. Begin with a five-minute walking warm-up, and then alternate between walking three minutes and running five minutes for 40 minutes total or however long you can.

Hone Your Skills With a Dedicated Day

Turn a fitness skill you’re trying to master into a fun 20-minute workout. Do 20 minutes worth of handstands or the yoga bridge. Run up and down the stairs several times or around the block for a low impact workout that tones your lower body and burns fat. Put on some old, cherished dance music and work up a sweat while gesticulating around the house. According to Prevention magazine, even 10 minutes per day of dance is beneficial to your overall health, specific weight loss goals and mood.

Back It Up Right and Tight

Lunges sound deadly, but they’re quite beneficial to your hamstrings, which are the large muscles running up the back of your upper leg. Lunges also recruit muscles in your calves, the fronts of your legs and your glutes. Stand upright, step forward with one foot, and lower your body by flexing the hip and the knee. Return to the starting positing by pressing through the heel of your stepped-out foot. Repeat on each leg for as many times as possible. Increase the difficulty by holding a kettlebell and passing it from one hand to the other, under your knee, during the lunge.

Jumping Jacks and Farmer’s Walk

The farmer’s walk is a total body exercise that entails carrying heavy weights in both hands, such as dumbbells or even buckets of water, while walking a specified distance, according to Bodybuilding.com. Try carrying half your body weight for up to 40 meters, five times in a row, or work up to this goal over several weeks. Next, do five sets of 20 jumping jacks, resting between sets just long enough to catch your breath. Check this out for more tips on keeping fit while parenting.

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