These 9 Tips Could Save Your Life. My Favorite Is #3!

The two guys from AsapTHOUGHT begin their video with this startling statistic: “People who sit for 11 hours a day have a 40% increased risk of death in the next three years compared to people who sit for four hours or less.”


That’s enough to keep me listening (and give me anxiety). There’s an easy solution though! Standing for five minutes every hour negates the nasty effects of sitting all day. Studies also have shown that short breaks can help keep you focused and alert, as well as lower stress. My favorite tip from this video is number three. You get the hydration benefits from drinking water, plus you have an excuse to get up frequently, either to fill your water bottle or take a bathroom break.

I think it’s time to get up and stretch! Get some tips about how to spend your break from the guys at AsapTHOUGHT.

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