A Family of Physicians Comes Together After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

According to Madison CBS affiliate WISC-TV, the Pitot family is very familiar with cancer. Henry Pitot worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research. Two of his children also went into the health care industry. Henry Jr. worked as an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and daughter Anita Mayer became a physician for Women's Health Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Despite their knowledge of cancer, they were still surprised when eldest daughter Beth was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. 

Beth's cancer had already spread to her liver by the time she was diagnosed with the disease. Such news was difficult for the family to bear, but they had each other. The Pitot family consists of Henry, his wife, eight children and 16 grandchildren. While most of the kids live outside of the Madison area, everyone came home during Beth's battle. Holidays and birthdays were full of family.

Unfortunately, Beth ultimately lost her battle with breast cancer, but the Pitots use the experience as motivation. They now participate whole-heartedly in fundraising events to support cancer research. They're also much closer to one another, having learned that family is the best support system. The family even founded There Are Angels Among Us in order to raise money for the cause. 

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