A Mammogram Saved My Life!

After my annual mammogram in February 2011 I was told I needed to follow up with an ultrasound. The ultrasound found two suspicious spots. My gynocolgist referred me to a wonderful surgeon who said I should have a needle biopsy on each spot. After the biopsies the surgeon’s office called on March 15th with the devastating news that I had cancer. I had ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and an invasive ductual carcinoma. I decided to have a lumpectomy followed up with radiation treatments. My card club sprung into action and provided my family with “meals on wheels after my surgery, which was a lifesaver for us since my husband was recovering from back surgery. My summer was filled with doctor appointments and radiation treatments. With the support of my wonderful husband, family, friends, co-workers and card club, I was able to survive the summer with lots of encouragment. I go in next month for my annual mammogram again and am praying it comes back normal. This has changed my life so much. I no long sweat the small stuff and look at each day as a gift! I have always liked the color pink but now it has a totally new meaning in my life. I am wearing it as a Survivor!

Please get your Mammograms……..it saved my life!!

Robin Robinson
Bellbrook, OH

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