Nipple tattoos: the increasingly popular trend that is helping women heal. Learn more!

After going through surgery, many women struggle with rediscovering and adjusting to the changes in their bodies. Some women eventually decide that they’re comfortable with the changes they’re bodies have gone through and don’t elect to make any changes. But others have found that trying to get things back to the way they used to be is what makes them the happiest. And still others make intentional changes to their bodies to make them different than they were before.

All of these options are viable; it’s up to the individual to decide what they’re most comfortable with.

Recently, some breast cancer survivors have actually turned to a non-traditional way to transition into their newly altered bodies, which is tattooing it. Nipple tattoos have increased in popularity, and have helped women who have undergone reconstructive surgery feel more complete.

The idea of this kind of tattoo is to make the area where the person’s nipple used to be look as much like a real nipple as it possibly can. It takes time, talent, and empathy to make something like this look natural and make the owner feel good about themselves!

This tattoo artist realizes that each person that comes in is different, and he takes the time to put the women at ease and find out exactly what they are looking for during their tattoo session.

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