A Ten Year Battle With Stage IV Breast Cancer

Beverly from Long Beach, CA, recounts how she wouldn’t let breast cancer beat her in this inspiring story from The Breast Cancer Site’s Stories of Hope:
“I had mammos twice a year, each time resulting in clean. Then, in October 2001, while running with my daughter I collapsed. I woke up with a couple of faces peering over me saying “You have Stage IV Breast Cancer. It has spread to your bones and just about everywhere else!

My tumor had involuted and spread along my ribcage undetectable by mammogram! I was then given a year no matter what I DID.

I had an eleven year old and twelve year old. There was NO WAY I was going to allow myself to accept that diagnosis.

My husband left us saying that he “didn’t sign up for this.” I promised my kids that I would see them graduate from high school and began my journey. My first set of onco’s were very old school. I researched and found a very progressive group who did clinical trials, holistic meds, etc. They saved my life. In 2008, my right hip broke due to very large metatstatic tumors. I spent two years in a nursing home.

By then, my kids were both in college and I didn’t want them to stop to take care of me! I convinced the nursing home to release me. I stayed with a friend until I could to get my own place and a caregiver. This March, I found an orthopedic oncologist who stated that he would take the risk and replace my hip! It was done in April. I saw my son graduate from college and my daughter will next year and I am learning to walk normal again!!! This September, I will be rolling 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk celebrating theirs and mine tenth year!


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