This Flash Mob Makes Me Want To Get Up And Dance!

Raising awareness comes in all shapes in sizes: flash mobs, bake sales, sponsored walks, even creating a Facebook page! We’re learning more and more about breast cancer every year, from new detection methods to new guidelines for early detection — but there’s still so much research to be done! The people in this video know the importance of spreading awareness, and they are spreading the word in our favorite way possible: through DANCE!

Over 200 people joined forces in Boston to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks that take place every October. The song they’re dancing to is “Givin’ It Up” performed by Rhett Fisher from Flash Mob America.

The energy and joy emanating from the people in front of Quincy Market is infectious! Why aren’t there more flash mobs in the world? They’re such a fun way to raise awareness!

Take a look at these fabulous dancers — and don’t be afraid to dance along!

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