After 5 Years of Treatment Idaho Woman Now Cancer-Free

After years of treatment, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, an Idaho woman is now cancer-free. Jennifer Poole told her story, which included a support group of friends who would watch over her daughter while she had chemotherapy treatment, to Nampa ABC affiliate KIVI.

Additionally, two of her sons also showed their support by shaving their heads, while the third wanted to make a wig out of his long red hair.

Like many cancer battles, the journey was hard at times. Poole would feel self-conscious because of the toll the illness took on her appearance. In addition to losing her hair and removing her breast, she had what she called a "steroid belly." But she continued fighting and five years later is cancer-free.

While any illness can be a hard fought battle, it's often having a positive attitude that helps many get through the rough patches. Being social and spending time with friends can help boost patients' quality of life, according to a study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

The study also noted how tangible support, similarly to how Poole's friend would do her laundry, could even help women deal with late stage breast cancer.

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