Redditor Refuses Her Sister’s Request To Hide Her Disney Items Because “Who Cares If People See?”

The Urban Dictionary defines Disney adults as people, typically millennials, who can’t stop talking about Disney and are said to be one of the most terrifyingly intense types of people you’ll ever encounter.

That’s just one of the tamer descriptions of being a Disney adult, because the internet absolutely hates Disney adults.

“On the internet, however, being a Disney adult is nothing short of an embarrassment. A Disney adult is someone who lives and breathes the brand,” The Rolling Stone said. “To declare oneself a Disney fan in adulthood is to profess to being nothing less than an uncritical bubblehead ensconced in one’s own privilege, suspended in a state of permanent adolescence, raised on a diet of wasp-waisted princesses and talking-animal sidekicks and dancing candelabras, refusing to acknowledge the grim reality that dreams really don’t come true.”

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Hey, if you love something, then that’s fine! No judgment here! But society always has its own view of what being normal is. You can never love something without being ridiculed, and the hate usually comes from strangers, even though what you enjoy is totally none of their business. You do you, boo.

But what if the hate comes from your own sister? Oh yes, it’s getting personal.

“AITA for not removing the Disney items from my house?”

OP and her husband are Disney adults, obviously. Their relationship started when they were in college, and they met each other while they were both working for one of the Disney parks. I think it’s pretty much safe to say that their love for Disney isn’t just because of nostalgia or any other childish reasons.

“Now, we are conscious to not be those Disney adults. We can hold conversations outside the movies and parks. We both work well-paying jobs unrelated to the company. We have other hobbies and interests,” OP said.

So OP and her husband are aware of the bad rap that Disney adults have and are actively trying to not be pinned as that kind of intense people. Understandable.

They have children, and, while their son isn’t big on Disney, their daughter is, and OP said that they nurture their children’s hobbies and interests. (Awesome parenting, by the way.)

Nurturing their children’s hobbies, their daughter’s in particular, aligns with the couple’s interests as well, so they naturally have a lot of Disney items in their renovated farmhouse home, that includes a barn which they just finished renovating as well when OP posted her story.

One of their relatives got married in their farmhouse before, and OP said that it was gorgeous. Now OP’s sister wants to get married on their property as well, and they were okay with it. The plan was for a June wedding, which was set to be held outside, and guests would only have to go inside their house to use the bathroom or move the entire wedding inside their barn if it rains.

The only Disney-related item in their bathroom was Winnie the Pooh hand towels, and even that would be replaced with ‘normal’ ones during the wedding. OP clarified, “Wedding space has no Disney items.”

That isn’t enough for OP’s sister.

“She wants me to take down everything Disney on the first floor of my home, as guests will see. We have a lot of Disney items, pictures, paintings, blankets, funko pops, decorations, figurines, dishware, etc, all made for adults and a lot of it subtle or vintage, but you can still tell it’s Disney,” OP wrote.

It’s a massive undertaking and would require at least 2 hours of packing, and the logistics of where they’re going to store their things and unpack it after is another problem, OP said. Oh, and OP said that her sister’s request is just ridiculous. She said, “Who cares if people see?” (Snaps for OP!)

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Well, the sister said that OP’s home decor is tacky, and she doesn’t want her guests to remember and associate her wedding with anything related to Disney. OP refused to take down her decor, and her sister and their parents told OP and her husband to grow up and take it down.

“We’re decorating the outside and barn as she wants. We’re letting her use our property for free, which she keeps bragging about to friends, as it’s saving them a ton,” OP said.

Redditors have labeled OP as NTA. They also offered a simple solution for the sister’s problem, which is to rent portable bathrooms. OP responded that they have proposed that solution to the sister, but apparently, the sister doesn’t wanna pay for it, and it would ruin the aesthetic of her wedding, so portable bathrooms are not an option for her.

Unfortunately, we have no updates about OP or her sister’s wedding. Let’s just hope that the sisters worked things out in the end. I’m feeling petty today, so let me just add that I also hope that the wedding venue changed to save OP’s sister the shame (🙄) of being related to a Disney adult.

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AITA for not removing the Disney items from my house?
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