Nobody Fights Breast Cancer Like Ellen DeGeneres and Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney, the actress who portrays Samantha Brady on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, teamed up with Ellen to raise money in the fight against breast cancer on Ellen’s show. These two are fantastic women with great senses of humor, so you know their teamwork is going to be great!

Can Alison answer enough questions quickly enough before the contents of that bucket above her head gets dropped?

As usual with Ellen, nothing is quite what you’d expect. Something is a little off about the game she asks Alison to play, and the results are just plain hilarious! Watch and see!

And of course, the winners either way will be the people who will be benefitting from that cancer research. So many people do things to raise awareness for breast cancer without actually raising funds, but this fun event does both. Check out the video to see what’s being donated. Thank you to all who were involved!

Check out Ellen’s breast cancer donation game below. It totally puts the “fun” in “fundraising!”

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