Almost 20 years – by Maury

My breast cancer journey started days before my 2nd daughter was born, nearly 20 years ago. What followed was a whirlwind year of surgery, chemo, radiation and one appointment after another for me as well as normal newborn check-ups for my baby. What a blur! Recovery was essentially unremarkable. Appointments spaced out and life resumed a normal format. I have been so fortunate to raise my daughters and witness their transition into wonderful young adults. A year ago the unthinkable happened. 25 years of nursing had taken a toll on my joints, especially my knees. The orthopedist had the unfortunate task of telling me that there were lesions on my thigh and shin bones. Not knowing exactly what they were, I started a new trek of discovering that the breast cancer had spread to my bones.

Once again I was thrust into doctor appointments, blood tests, scans and now targeted therapy. This is so much more tolerable than the traditional chemo I had in 1991, but does involve IV meds every few weeks. Again life has returned to (a new) normal. I get up each day glad to be able to do what I have to do, whether it is work, taking care of the household or relaxing; I am living.

I am most thankful for my wonderful husband and daughters who have given me the strength to live my life.

Smithfield, RI

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