Brave Amazon Driver Rushes Into Burning Home To Save Family Of 6 & Their 2 Pets

The work day started out like every other day for Kevin Rivera, an Amazon driver from Long Island, New York.

So to help save a family’s life was not something he ever expected to do while on the job.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The 22-year-old discovered that a house he often delivered to was on fire while he was on his route delivering packages.

He immediately jumped into action, calling 9-11 and screaming to see if anyone was in the house.

That’s when an elderly man came out of the house and began staring at the fire. It took the family a bit to realize what was going on, especially since there was a language barrier.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

As soon as Rivera noticed a woman holding a baby and more people inside the home, he quickly made his way into the burning house to save them.

Thankfully, he was able to successfully help the family of six safely out of the home, including their two pets.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

While this heroic act was definitely dangerous and recommended to be left up to professional firefighters, Rivera felt like it was something that had to be done.

“My adrenaline went to the top and I just rushed in there,” he told Inside Edition. “I couldn’t let them die there.”

The local fire department plans to honor Rivera for his bravery.

Hear more of this courageous story in the video below:

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