Amy Robach Discusses The Ups And Downs Of The Past Year Since Her Diagnosis. She Is Such An Inspiration!

News anchor Amy Robach took a mammogram live on air in October of 2013. She did it to help women see what the process was like, but she also did it at the urging of her friend and coworker, Robin Roberts, who had faced her own battle with breast cancer. Amy was 40 years old at the time, and had never had a mammogram. When she found out she had two malignant tumors in her breasts, she was floored.

Every women deals with the emotional and physical toll of breast cancer in their own way, and it’s important to do what is best for you. Amy started losing her hair because of chemo, so she cut it very short. She also continued to work. During the following interview, Robin asks Amy how going through this experience surprised her. Amy replies, “I watched you work through cancer and I remember thinking, ‘How is she doing that? Why is she doing that?’ I didn’t know why until it happened to me. And then I realized how important it was to hold on to anything normal.”

Learn more about Amy’s experiences and see how she’s coping now in the following interview. (And watch her surprise some survivors towards the end of the show!)

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