An App to Tell “HerStory”

Patients with breast cancer may find themselves feeling alone in their journey, even when surrounded by friends and family. Seclusion is an often overlooked symptom of breast cancer, especially if they don't have a connection with others going through the same treatments and processes as they are. An app called "HerStory" has been created in the hopes of connecting people with breast cancer and letting them explore every step of treatment and recovery through the stories of other survivors.

The concept is simple: Register with your name, username, email and password and you're in. Users can browse through a series of topics, ranging from "Pre-Op," "Surgery & Recovery," "Intimacy and Relationships" to even "Fashion and Lifestyle." You'll find advice and helpful stories from women who are at various stages of treatment and recovery. Once you've listened to a story there is a simple feedback area where you can choose if the story taught you something, motivated you or made you feel better. This system is being used to help the app creators figure out what stories are most appreciated and helpful.

You can also share any valuable advice that you've learned by adding your own story. Each story can be up to 44 seconds long and will be approved before becoming available to the app users. Don't worry, you can record as many times as it takes for you to get your story the way you want it. The stories are recorded right on the app and users can even choose if others hear the story in their own voice or if they would like someone else to re-record it. If you have a friend who would be interested in the app or a particular story, you can use the "Tell a friend" button to email them about it.

For every story that is added to HerStory, a donation of $10 is made to, a San Francisco-based nonprofit focused on encouraging cancer patients to take part in clinical trials to further research towards finding better treatment options.

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