An Easier Treatment Option May Soon Be Available for Breast Cancer Patients

Dr. Anthony Dragun, a cancer researcher at the University of Louisville, is currently in the midst of launching a new and easier treatment for breast cancer patients. According to Louisville Business First, Dragun recently presented the results of a five-year clinical trial at the 2014 Breast Cancer Symposium in San Francisco.

The clinical trial used an experimental radiation regimen on breast cancer patients and was issued once a week. This is different than the traditional treatment that some breast cancer patients receive, which is given daily after a lumpectomy. The source stated that Dragun's results showed the once-weekly treatment schedule is more convenient and less costly while also producing results that are comparable to the daily radiation treatments.

The University of Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center is currently the only facility of its kind in the U.S. offering an experimental regimen for the treatment of breast cancer. However, doctors in Europe that participated in a treatment trial similar to Dragun's also saw positive results.

There were approximately 150 patients enrolled in Dragun's trial. Breast cancer patients had their radiation dosage calibrated for the change in how they're given the treatment. Louisville Business First stated that adverse effects have yet to be reported.

"Instead of daily treatments for 25-30 days, five to six treatments administered once each week were being used," Dragun said in a statement. "I thought this regimen would give our patients here in Kentucky a great deal of access and choice, so we developed the trial and launched it in 2011."

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