This Good Four-Letter Word Puts Life Into Perspective

I enjoy attending church.  When I’m feeling low, tired, and too exhausted from a hectic week, I still attend.  Church revives me; it soothes the soul and takes my worries away.  It’s like a sense of peace overcomes me.  The weight of life pushing down on my shoulders will often lift, helping me relax, take in and enjoy what is there in front of me.

There are times when phrases from the sermon stick with me.  Quotes stuck on the bulletin board of my mind with a pushpin.  These quotes will reside there for a few hours, days, or even weeks.  They’re little lessons to learn and messages to pass on.

At a recent service, the pastor was preaching about hope.  There’s a lot of meaning wrapped up in that four-letter word.  If we were each asked to define hope, we would probably have similar answers.  It’s something that we desire and wish for, but there is no certainty that it will be fulfilled.  We all have a little bit of hope in us; some are just more hopeful than others.


Anne Frank has been quoted as saying, “Where there’s hope, there’s life.  It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”  As a young teenager, Anne had so much knowledge and wisdom wrapped up in her short fifteen years of life.

I have a big connection with the word “hope”.  In fact, it’s inked on my right shoulder blade, forever a part of me.  I look at hope and I see the strength it has provided me.  I can recall hearing the word cancer at a young age.  It was always scary at that time.  It made me wonder if my relative would make it through their treatments to live out the life intended.  It was hope that made me strong enough to visit them.  It was hope that sent me into overdrive fighting against cancer every year as I fundraised for cancer research.  It was hope that gave me strength and courage to fight my own cancer battle.  It was hope for my daughter’s future that helped ink my shoulder.

As I look at hope, I start to see myself.  I’ve come to realize that I am hope.  I may be my daughter’s hope for our unknown breast cancer gene to be found.  I may be the hope to a friend who is struggling with their own medical diagnosis.  I may be the hope to a complete stranger who sits in the newly found darkness, feeling all alone like they are the only ones who have been diagnosed with this disease.

I’ve never seen myself this way, as a light to someone’s darkness; however, I realize with the work of our Sisters Beating Breast Cancer page and this weekly blog that we provide people that hope every day.  I was challenged at church to make a New Year Resolution, one that would provide hope to others when they need it most.  I’m taking on this challenge to listen to my heart, to be that person that is there for someone else when they need it the most – cancer related or not.  I’m extending this challenge to you.  Be the hope in this world; for someone, somewhere, needs your brilliant candle to light their darkness.  Be hope.

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