I Heard The Words I Was Dreaming Of Hearing For Weeks

TWO WEEKS!  A lot has happened in two weeks.  I had robotic laparoscopic surgery to remove my right ovary and the tumor that surrounded it.  I have been recovering, slowly making progress to get back to my normal self.  I think I still have another two weeks before that “normal” happens.  I have taken two weeks off from work, missing my students and writing my blog.

In those two weeks, I’ve spent my time in a red recliner binge watching old sitcoms.  I’ve spent part of that time on narcotics, unable to focus my eyes on printed works.  My mind has not been able to hold my thoughts clearly making my head feel like it lives in the fog.  I have lived in nothing but sweatpants that I’ve rolled down to avoid contact with my incisions.


In those two weeks, I have had the time to not only recover, but enjoy the time I’m missing with my daughter.  I’ve had the ability to drop her off at school and pick her up daily.  I’ve accompanied her to her acting classes.  I’ve helped more with homework than I have ever been able to.  I have felt more present in her life and have definitely cherished these past two weeks.

Most importantly, I have spent two weeks relishing in the fact that my tumors came back as Fibromas – meaning, they are BENIGN!!!  Before I went back to the operating room, I knew I would have my answer as soon as I woke up.  As soon as the nurse told me I was headed home, I raised my hands in a cheer and said, “Best. News. Ever!”  If I was going to stay the night, I knew my results were not in my favor.  I was really thrilled to hear I was headed back to the hotel for the night.

One of my favorite bands is a group called American Authors.  They have this song that immediately popped into my head, one that I sing often – “The Best Day Of My Life.”  I totally broke out in song when I heard the news.  More than likely, it was all in my head, but I know I was singing it.  I truly felt hearing the news that I was continuing my cancer-free streak was one of the best days of my life.

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