Sisters with Cancer Celebrate Life with Milestone Birthday

It’s hard to believe that it has been numerous years, more like a decade and a half, since I was able to be in the company of my mom and sister – just the three of us. I guess when we age, our priorities in life change. We focus more on our lives with our spouse and children then we do with our siblings and parents. There comes a time, though, throughout those years that you miss what you once had and making every effort to gain some of that back becomes important.

Breast cancer struck us all hard two years ago. After life was just settling down from my diagnosis, my sister’s breast cancer hit us even harder. A pre-cancer diagnosis changed to a surprised stage 2 and then quickly changed again to stage 3. This became a time in all of our lives where we realized life is too short to ignore that family you still love and hold dear to your heart.


My sister hit a milestone birthday recently. The time where many people describe celebrating life as a climb up hill, and once you hit that magic number of forty, you are now on the downhill side. I have to say, in my sister’s case, she is rocking forty. She’s still climbing, all while discovering a new self.

My sister’s request for her birthday was one I want to continue for years to come. All she wanted was a girl’s trip. It didn’t matter where we went or what we did, she just wanted to spend time with her mom and sister. After years of missing and yearning for the chance to get us all together again, I couldn’t resist this request. I mean really, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t care what life was throwing my way; I was going on that trip.

A short trip to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada was just what the three of us needed. There was a little bit of adventure that tested our strengths and weaknesses. A little bit of fun that created moments of joy and memories to last a lifetime. It was not enough time to spend with the ones you love, yet just enough to make you dream for the next trip.

I have to say, this trip was above all expectations. Whistler was just as breathtaking as I figured it would be. The activities offered to not only adults, but children as well could keep you entertained for days. However, most importantly to me, it was the time I desperately needed to spend with my mom and sister to strengthen our bond.

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