The Food Intolerance Test That Changed My Life

I have started to slowly learn that one way I can stay healthy is by eating healthy.  This truly is very difficult for me as I enjoy my sweet tooth.  However, so much has affected my body recently that things needed to change.

My Tamoxifen has provided me with some small side effects, but I cannot guarantee these changes are necessarily due to the drug.  For years I have been battling high blood pressure while visiting the doctor’s office – white coat syndrome – and I often would check my blood pressure afterwards to find it in the normal range.  Since my diagnosis, keeping that blood pressure down has proven to be difficult and in January of this year I started some medicine to lower it.  I have seen an increase in pain and inflammation the last few years.  Let us not forget the weight gain either.  In amongst all that, I had a tachycardia attack – a rapid heart rate.  It was time to take my health back.


My husband is in a business networking group where I met a naturopath.  Together, we decided I needed to take a food intolerance test to determine what food I am eating that I am genetically intolerant to.  Food intolerance can present itself with skin, respiratory, weight gains, and gastrointestinal issues.  It can also cause inflammation, which could be why I have seen hip pain that would not go away.

The food intolerance test I took was a simple procedure, a small needle prick to the finger to get some blood.  When the results came in, I was floored.  A few of my favorite foods wound up on that test.  Potatoes and anything related to potatoes needed to be eliminated from my diet.  So much for baked potato dinners.  Foods that grow on vines like melons, cucumbers, and squash made the list.  Augh!  Not my melons!  baked potato x_shutterstock_118783927Not only was I to eliminate those two food groups, but I had food combinations that I needed to watch out for.  I can eat fruit, and I can eat sugar.  However, I cannot eat them together.  I can eat grain and dairy, just not together.  My diet looks to be changing, and eliminating some of my favorite foods will prove to be difficult.

As I continue this journey of changing my life style, I’m learning more about myself.  My willpower takes a beating and many times I cave.  I have noticed a difference in my body, despite the lack of will power.  My hip pain is slowly diminishing.  My acne break outs are infrequent.  My energy levels are rising.  I’m just feeling better about myself.  Now I just need to keep on track and amp up my willpower.  Who would have thought that looking into what I put on my plate would make a difference in all aspects of my life?

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