Is There Ever A Thing As Too Much Pink?

I was recently searching through one of the many catalogs delivered to my husband’s office.  I wasn’t really interested in purchasing anything; but if something jumped out to me, I might just consider it.  In fact, I did come across something that jumped off the page and almost bit me.

It seems that after all these numerous years of battling breast cancer in my family that any breast cancer related product easily jumps out at me.  It could be from a catalog, in a store, or while shopping online.  It’s crazy how my eyes drift towards that pink ribbon related product.  While shopping in the store, I act like a deer caught in the headlights.  I just can’t seem to tear my eyes away.  In this particular catalog, I came across a beautiful ornament that sparked my fancy.  I flipped past it.  I went back to it.  I continued looking through the catalog, while keeping my finger tucked in the pages just in case I wanted to go back to it.  I did!


Do I dare order one?  How about four – one for each of us?  The mental debate began.  Looking into my past purchases more closely, I saw multiple t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts, jewelry, hair products, and much more.  Is there ever a thing as too many pink ribbons?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I suppose it just depends on who you are and what your definition of too much is.

For me, I started to ask myself more questions.  Questions I should be asking myself before every purchase.  Is this needed?  Will it make me happy or make me sad?  How would my family feel if I bought them one of these?  Do I think they’d really like it?  Could it be that one item that makes their personal collection “too much”?

In the end, I decided not to purchase four ornaments, let alone one.  I’ve opted to go a different direction this Christmas with my gift giving.  I wanted to look at gifts – purchased or made – that would invoke forward thinking.  I no longer wanted to dwell on the hellacious few years we all have had battling breast cancer.   Next year?  It might just be a different story.

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