As I Sat By Her Bedside, I Knew I Learned A Few Life Lessons

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to spend some time with my paternal grandmother.  I received news she was in the hospital, with an unknown outcome, and I needed to visit her.  Each visit I make to my hometown, I often attempt to visit with my grandma’s.  Usually it’s successful in our short amount of time, but lately our schedule has just been too jammed packed to allow for those extra visits.  I often treat each of those visits as my last, feeling guilty doing so but knowing as my grandmother’s age and their health declines, you just never know.

As I spent two wonderful days vising my grandmother, I learned a few things about life.

Love.  Don’t just tell the people you care for that you love them, show them!  Love can be shown in many ways.  Visiting with my grandmother, I saw the love in her eyes, the way she willingly held my hand, caressed my face, and even when she gladly accepted our assistance in caring for her.  Saying those three simple words “I Love You” isn’t always enough.   It’s the way you make someone feel that is more meaningful.

Comfort.  During all stages of life, we like to be comfortable.  As a baby we liked to be bundled up in a cozy blanket.  As a teenager, we looked for the comfy chairs we could sit in for hours.  As an adult, we might rush home from work to change into something more comfortable.  Comfort goes beyond just the physical and into the emotional well-being.  Just as I comfort my daughter through her tears, I comforted my grandma through her fear and concerns during her hospital stay.

Blessings.  As I was saying my goodbyes, my grandma said she felt blessed.  She felt blessed that my daughter and I were able to stay with her and help her through her difficult time.  She felt blessed for the visits and comfort that we provided.  She felt blessed to be surrounded by our love.  To be honest, I felt like I was the one that was blessed.  I had the opportunity to spend time with my grandmother I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  She provided me with the realization that time is important.  The quality time my daughter and I were able to spend with her was a blessing.  The love my grandmother showed in her eyes, the things she said or did are memories I will take with me and hold on to tightly.

Throughout my drive home, I thought how truly amazing this experience was.  I know it was exactly what we both needed – that extra time together.  I left with lessons learned that will transfer to the rest of my life.  As a cancer survivor, I attempt to live in the moment, but I needed the above reminders too.  Sharing my love is important.  Providing comfort I not only need, but the comfort I can provide to others can easily change the way someone feels.  Cherish your blessings.  Believe it or not, blessings surround you each day; it’s the matter of opening your eyes and heart to see them.

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