How Being A Mom Changes How You Look At Your Own Mom

The Evolution of Mother’s Day:

As a kid, you prepared her breakfast in bed, at times all on your own.  You watched her closely as she ate the meal you made with love in hopes she enjoyed every bite of it.  Then came the cards and gifts.  These were often handmade while you were at school.  Your mom was just as giddy to receive these gifts as you were to give them.

As you grew older, the handmade gifts started to diminish as store bought gifts took its place.  You loved your mom in a different way than before.  You no longer loved her for tucking you into bed at night or for wiping away your tears.  Instead, you appreciated her for being there to cheer you on in school and to encourage you when you needed it.


As you became a young adult, you started to believe how awesome your mom truly was.  You started realizing how often she was right and the wisdom she possessed.  You began to wish that you would be a mother just like her.  Mother’s Day at this age is hard on both of you.  A card sent home and a phone call later, you wished you were there to celebrate with your mom.

When you become a mom yourself, you try to be the best mom possible.  You feel you are overwhelmed, that you might not be doing the best job you could.  Then Mother’s Day hits.  You become overwhelmed in a good way.  You now understand why your mom ate that breakfast you made for her all those years ago; because you love your kids unconditionally.

As you grew even older, you realized life without your mother is hard.  You missed her on a daily basis.  You had the need to hear her voice.  You wished you could just call her up and ask for her famous advice.  Then your phone rings; it’s your son or daughter asking you for advice.  You immediately thought, “What would mom do?”  You smiled at the memories and cherished the conversation you were having with your own child.  Life has come full circle.  Motherhood has been fantastic.

This Mother’s Day I received flowers grown from seeds at school, planted in a pot hand-painted with song lyrics we love to sing.  Those song lyrics were the epitome of Mother’s Day – “You are My Sunshine.”  Mothers mean everything to a child just like children mean everything to their mothers.  After all, I have done everything I know to beat cancer to be able to live for these moments.  I want to see the Evolution of Mother’s Day come full circle.

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