Breast Cancer Can’t Stop This Woman From Mud Racing!

This past weekend I participated in a muddy obstacle run.  I know, it sounds crazy, huh?  This is my fourth mud run and I can honestly say I really enjoy them.  What’s not to like?  Sweat, mud, and great obstacles to conquer are a perfect combination.

My first race took place a couple of weeks after my breast biopsy in 2012.  My husband Eric and I took things slow.  He watched me over some of the obstacles, many of them I did with ease.  This was our first, and so far our favorite, run.  We quickly got hooked and couldn’t wait to schedule more for the following year – if all things health wise went well.

“We use the word ‘run’ loosely in our household (it’s more of a walk until we see a camera up ahead.)”


In the summer of 2013 we ventured into another mud race.  This was our least favorite, but only because it lacked in the obstacle excitement.  However, this race had a great introductory kid’s race that was easy to get our daughter Emma involved.  Looking back at this race, I skipped multiple obstacles because they required upper body strength.  Any time I had to climb over something Eric would lend a knee or hand to boost me safely over.  You see, this was only a few months after my implant surgery.  I was days away from my final clearance from the plastic surgeon and I did not want to risk anything.

As our third race came around the next year, I was more successful in my obstacle attempts, only skipping one for fear of falling on my implants – I did not want my girls to pop!  A year after surgery and I was feeling more like myself.  This fourth year though was a repeat run of the second race, and I was ready to redeem myself.  I was determined not to skip any obstacles without trying them first.  As Yoda would say, “DO or DO NOT, there is no try.”  I jumped and pulled myself over high walls which I hadn’t been able to do for years.

These mud runs have been a blast over the years, even though we use the word “run” loosely in our household (it’s more of a walk until we see a camera up ahead.)  I’m proud of myself for not only attempting and accomplishing these obstacles, but for seeing myself grow stronger over the years.  Granted, I’m still in the process of working on gaining that muscle strength back, but proud I am.

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