Spring Can Do Many Things – Here’s What It Does To Me

I had the privilege teaching our Sunday School class at church recently. I find kids to be a hoot – no matter the age. I guess that’s why I teach for a living. I’m able to witness those “ah-ha” moments when a child finally understands a concept. I’m able to provide them a smile and nurturing nature that some might not receive as frequently as they should. I get to listen to their amazing ideas and intuitive insights to life in general. I often find joy in the way they see things.

This recent teaching of Sunday School provided me all of the above. It was one of those days where everyone called in sick and I volunteered to help out at the last minute. I had no idea what the lessons were going to be. No idea what scriptures were being taught in the sermon that day. I just knew it was going to be a great day, no matter the circumstances.

We talked about the idea of new life. With the season of spring, new life is evident all around us. One little girl, very matter-of-factly, said God is the new life. As we all agreed, God had a hand in creating the life we see and live. One child mentioned admiring the blossoming flowers. Another enjoys witnessing the baby animals frolic in the green pastures near their house. While one other talked about watching the eggs in a nest outside her house waiting for the birds to hatch.

Spring also brings a renewed sense of self for many of us. If you’re anything like me, you notice a difference in your mood. I look outside and just smile. Maybe it’s the color of green on the hillside above my house. Maybe it’s the blue sky and warmer temperatures. Maybe it’s because I see that new life is indeed all around us.

With a mood change comes the willingness to get outside more. You want to become healthier – eat better and exercise more. Those extra ten pounds you put on, calling it your “winter weight”, is probably more associated with the heavy eating of the holiday season and needs to come off. That first climb up five flights of stairs at a parking garage tells you that being inside most of the winter season took its toll on you. Taking a trip to the local farmers market for fresh fruit and vegetables provides you with giddiness to begin your healthier eating habits. Walking through the local parks watching the birds fly by, the kids playing on the toy structure, and families having picnics together brings you much happiness. But the fact that you are outside enjoying the sights, the sounds, the fresh air all while exercising does not go unnoticed.

Spring has brought me much happiness here in my little valley. This season is typically the most hectic for me, but right now as I look outside I feel calm and collective. Maybe it was because I got to teach Sunday School to some pretty amazing kids who made my day with their silliness. Either way, I am taking this renewed sense of self and running with it. I need to be me – the best me possible. And if it takes Spring to bring that best me out, then so be it.

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