I Had To Tell My Friends I May Have Cancer Again… And This Is How I Did It

I had an internal debate for weeks trying to figure out how to inform my family and friends I was having another surgery.  It seems like it was just last year (even if it has been three) I made an announcement about my breast cancer and bi-lateral mastectomy.  Would they have been just as supportive the second time as the first?  I had no doubt; however, I still didn’t know how or when to tell them.

Finally, just the other morning it came to me.  I thought about writing a blog post months ago about my life in numbers.  There are many numbers that come with a diagnosis: cancer stage, grade of the tumor, the number of lymph nodes involved, weeks of chemotherapy, days of radiation, and how many days being cancer free.  Those are often the numbers and details that we remember – some good, some not so good.  Either way, my mind went straight into over-drive with a creative way to inform those who have not heard the news.


Like all things that need to get out to the masses, I took to Facebook.  As my chosen social media outlet, I knew posting on Facebook would inform those who would have liked to hear the information.  Those are the friends that would be willing to send a quick message to say, “Angela, we’re thinking of you.  Hope all is going great.”  Those are the friends that I know would be sending me their positive vibes and prayers.  That’s exactly what I needed the most with surgery looming around the corner.

Below is my Facebook post.  I felt proud of myself for finally letting others know what was going on.  There was no more hiding behind a smile all the time.  There was no more “doing good” to the questions of “How are you?”  I felt nothing but relief by letting this out.  The love and support that came my way within seconds of posting told me I did the right thing.

My Life In Numbers

26 – days until I am 3 years cancer free, but

1 – hip MRI showed some activity which lead to

1 – bone scan,

3 – ultrasounds,

3 – exams, and

5 – doctor visits with

4 – different doctors.  Which means

864 – hours ago (give or take) I officially found out I had tumors growing in my ovaries.

7 – days until I have surgery to remove

1 – ovary with at least

2 – tumors.

1 – ovary holds the key.  Do I get to celebrate

1095 – days cancer free or do I start over at

0 – zero.

864 – hours of wondering.

51,840 – minutes of keeping my chin up.

3,110,400 – seconds of I’ve got this, whatever “this” is.

23 – minutes to write this to inform

318 – friends and family.

170 – hours until I learn the truth.

See the post here.

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