It’s This Experience That Keeps Me Going

Man, am I tired!  It’s amazing how exhausting helping out at a play production for 50 youngsters can be.  My husband and I have been putting in some extra volunteer hours before and during a huge play for kids in grades three through eight.  We’ve been tapping into our creative side helping construct sets, and now we are in the middle of learning our backstage duties for a four show production.  Not only that, but who can keep up with these kids?  They can definitely run circles around me with their high energy levels.  Did I mention this is exhausting?

It’s been fun watching these children learn their lines, their songs, and their dance routines.  Like my daughter, many of them are experiencing theater for the first time; others have a couple plays under their belts already.  Watching everything they have been practicing for the last three months come together is exciting.  Knowing this is all coming to an end is even more exciting.


You see, I’ve been missing my daughter.  This play has taken a lot of time away from our family.  While we are shuttling our daughter to rehearsals and acting classes that last all afternoon and evening, we are missing out on family dinners, extended conversations, and reading at bedtime.  As two working parents, our weekends have been spent building a monstrous throne fit for a king leaving little time for playing board games or cuddling on the couch.

I really look at this and see a win-win type of situation.  While I enjoy every bit of family time I can get, I also enjoy seeing my daughter take pleasure in performing for others.  There’s a reason why I opted for a double mastectomy when I heard the words, “You have cancer.”  I wanted the best chance for being here on Earth to experience all of these exciting moments my daughter has in her life.  I wanted to be here to watch her grow into an amazing adult.  I wanted to be here to watch her become a mother and have a child that is just like her.  I wanted to be here for her.

As time moves on, I realize that opting for my double mastectomies is giving me that life.  I don’t mind tapping into that creative side to help out behind the scenes; I somewhat enjoy it.  Okay, I really enjoy it!  I don’t mind shuttling her across town to a class or a rehearsal because I know that in the end, this is what makes her happy.  This is what moms do after all.  We do everything for our children so that they can have a childhood full of happy memories.  In a couple weeks, we’ll be fully recovered from all the chaos life brings during these moments, only to jump right in to the next must have moments.  I’m here for this.  That’s what I need to remember.  I.  AM.  HERE.

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