When The Doctors Told Me My Cancer Could Come Back In My Bones…

When something in your life happens, whether good or bad, do you share the news? Who do you tell? How do you tell them?

I had some news to share recently and only shared it with a few select friends and family. Why? Because they are the ones who are the closest to me. They share my happiness and my sorrows. They share the joys of life and I love each of them for being who they are. I sent Facebook messages, text messages, and called on the phone. Today, I’m sharing with you what I sent them.

princess-cartoon_shutterstock_162218990 copy

“I have a story for you . . .

Once upon a time in a land far, far, far away lived a princess. This princess loved life, especially life in the outdoors. One witch of a hike the year before led to some hip pain. Or so the princess thought. Months of pain that came and went, the princess decided she better get to the bottom of it. X-rays showed no fractures. Yay! The hike didn’t harm the princess’s bones after all. Physical therapy was attempted with little results. Hmmm . . . The doctors were stumped. “Let’s try an MRI,” they said in hopes it was in the muscles or tendons. Nope! Instead, the princess learned there was a small lesion on her left iliac crest (top of the hip bone) where her pain was occurring. The doctors are all optimistic this lesion is benign, but with a history of breast cancer, the princess is concerned. The princess asks that her closest friends keep her in their thoughts and prayers while she gets an appointment for a bone scan.

Good story? I didn’t think so either.”

Since the news hit, I have completed that bone scan. The waiting game continues. Wish me luck!

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