Finally Getting Answers About My Medical Problem — And More Questions

For months upon months I have had this hip pain that started shortly after one of the most grueling hikes I have ever experienced. The end result of that hike was a fantastic view with two gorgeous lakes creating a serene atmosphere atop a mountain 5,600 feet above sea level. No matter how gorgeous it was, this is not a hike I would be willing to do again – the first hike I have ever refused to repeat.

When the hip pain increased with high-impact exercise, I stopped. At first, I attempted to push through the pain, but realized that I might be doing more harm than good when I had a hard time getting out of a seated position to walk. I wanted to keep going. I wanted to finally get into a good exercise routine. I knew if I stopped, it would be harder to pick it up again. Reluctantly, I forced myself to stop and heal.


Healing took much longer than expected, so I headed into the doctor’s office for an exam. That visit led to x-rays, then physical therapy. The Physical Therapist was stumped which led to a visit to the Physiatrist. The Physiatrist ordered an MRI, which led to a bone scan when a suspicious lesion appeared. The MRI also led to an ultrasound of my uterus to determine what was going on with the cysts, a fibroid, and excessive fluid.

All of this happened within weeks of each other. Those were some of the hardest weeks in my life. The fear of cancer returning was there. No matter how hard I attempted to bury that fear, it still came to the surface. I could see the fear in my husband’s eyes. I could hear the fear in my parents’ voice. The concern even appeared in my friends when I mentioned what was going on.

How do you escape it all? The first thing I did was give it to God. He would see me through; I just knew it. Then I started to use my humor. If I can’t laugh at the situation at hand, I know I’m in a difficult place with a long road ahead of me. Finally, I started to live by telling myself, “There’s nothing to worry about until there is something to worry about.” This made a huge difference in how I thought. It eliminated the stressing I would have been doing over the fear of what it “could be.”

After numerous trips to the doctors, exams, MRI’s, ultrasounds, blood tests, and more, the news I have been craving to hear came at just the perfect time. It was the phone call that could change it all. I have NO SIGNS OF CANCER! This was some major news – pure music to my ears. It was time to rejoice. It still does not explain the hip pain, but the fact that there is no cancer is a win I am willing to accept with open arms.

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