Cancer Can Teach Us That A Second Chance Is Worth Doing Right

Life happens. Right?

We all have been on the roller coaster of life with many ups and downs. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, that coaster plummets; knocking them off balance and making them feel sick to their stomach. Then there are those moments we all strive for. Those moments that makes us unbelievably happy.

It’s been said by numerous cancer survivors that life changes after that diagnosis. First, they have a battle on their hands as they beat the cancer attacking their body. They put forth most of their energy into that battle. Nothing else matters until they’re done. Then, they struggle to get back to normal. But, wait! It’s not their usual normal they really get back to. It’s different. They have new knowledge and a change in attitude about life.

This new attitude usually is an improvement of one’s mental health and physical well-being. They tend to eat healthier and exercise more because it may help keep their cancer away. They may see that what life throws their way isn’t as much of a problem as it was before. The fact that their life here on Earth is still available is all they need.


Some people realize that they need a change for the better. They may look at their life and see negative behaviors or influences that are no longer desired, wanted, or needed. That might include a grumpy attitude, destructive behaviors, friends, a spouse, or a job. That negativity may have been hanging around them for far too long, bringing them down for years. After a cancer diagnosis, many things come into perspective, and how they live their life, the people they include in their circle, and the path they chose to go down may not be the right one any more.

You see, people look at life from a different mindset after they hear those three dreaded words: You have cancer. It’s hard to continue living the way they were before their diagnosis. The desire to live a happy and healthy life is in the forefront. The realization that they could make that change is strong. Cancer survivors tend to see the small things – like a rainbow in the sky, a butterfly fluttering by, the bloom of a flower, or even the laughter of children – as a blessing. They realize that fighting a small battle really isn’t worth fighting. They know that every life matters, including theirs.

They make these changes because of their new knowledge and outlook on life isn’t a reflection on others, but a reflection on how they now want to live their second chance. Every second chance is worth living right.

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