I Am So Thankful For My Implants — Except When It’s Hot! Help!

I will admit it; summer is quickly becoming my least favorite season.  In Eastern Washington we have experienced an early summer this year.  Temperatures started to increase in mid to late May.  Days into June and the triple digits hit.  The heat waves began and lasted for multiple weeks.  So did the fires – devastatingly so.

All my life I never really enjoyed this season.  I would often prefer to stay out of the heat or in the cold sprinklers as a child.  Living without air conditioning growing up forced me to play outside early in the day and seek the basement for cooler temps in the afternoon.

As I age, I notice I am not much different.  I would prefer to sit in an air conditioned room than succumb to the heat.  However, with a nine-year-old daughter who loves the outdoors, sacrifices need to be made.

No matter how often I am outside, I have numerous complaints about summer.  Okay, really it’s just two.


First – and this has been the one complaint my whole life – my legs DO NOT tan!  I’m not kidding here.  I thought once in high school they were tan when fall and the start of school came around.  I wore a dress without nylons because my legs looked great.  I was mistaken when someone asked me if I had on white nylons; true story.  I know tanning is not the healthiest thing to do when skin cancer comes into play.  However, it really makes me wonder if I’m receiving enough Vitamin D from the sun if my legs refuse to let the light in.

Second  – and this complaint is the most recent and the reason summer and I are quickly becoming enemies – this is my second summer with my “new girls.”  I love them, don’t get me wrong.  But, I hate them!  Since these girls took up residence inside my chest I have started to sweat buckets.  Granted, I tend to be warmer than usual with my Tamoxifen, but this isn’t any normal sweat.  This is boob sweat!  As soon as I am outside in this excessive heat we’ve been having my boobs begin to leak.  Not on the mounds, but rather the river that forms in the valley between them.  They act like heat conductors at the worst time of the year.  There is no delicate or nonchalant way to wipe it up while out in public.

My husband’s solution to my dilemma is low cut tank tops in order to air them out.  I don’t think so!  I’m sending summer an eviction notice at the end of the month.  If summer came early, fall should be coming even earlier.

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