I Just Celebrated My Breastiversary!

I have always been one to say, “Celebrate! Every milestone, no matter how big or small, deserves to be celebrated.” It’s hard to let one of those milestones pass me by without recognizing it in one form or another. I’ll post to my social media account about how awesome it feels. I’ll send a text message to the friends that were there for me during my treatments thanking them for being the rock I needed. I’ll even head out to dinner to celebrate.

cheerful friends drinking cocktails

You see, milestones are meant to be celebrated. As a new mother, you watch your baby roll over for the first time. Maybe your daughter rode her bike unassisted after months of resistance for fear of falling. Or what about when she received an A on that test she studied so hard for. We’d cheer them on with praise. Some of those milestones we might video tape to watch the success over and over again. Either way, we celebrate.

I just spent a wonderful evening with even more wonderful people. Why? Because I was celebrating. It’s my breastiversary! How crazy am I? Who celebrates the day they finished reconstructive surgery three years later? Better yet, who toasts to the “girls”? Who gives them creative names and talks about them like they could be real? Oh yeah! I do! And so should you!

So what did I do this year? I invited those friends that mean the world to me for dinner and drinks. Some of these friends were there for me from the start. They received that text from me saying my world was about to change and they never walked away. A few are newer friends that feel like old friends. No matter the stage of friendship, I know that those I invited to dinner are friends for life. They are the people I want to surround myself with. They are the ones that make me happy, make me laugh, and maybe even cry. They are the ones that I know would have my back for anything, just like I would for them.

Birthday Cake - Three

While I take one day a year to celebrate the birthday of my implants, what I’m really celebrating is the end to a year that was by far the hardest year of my life. It’s the family and friends that saw me through that I celebrate. It’s the friends that make me happy and honor the twins birthday, no matter how silly it may seem. It’s a way to thank my husband for holding my hand, and my daughter for being so brave. I can’t forget the most important reason – it’s a way to celebrate life.

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