We Take Time This Day To Pause And Honor – Why Not Every Day?

November 11th is not just a holiday the banks close their doors for, students are out of school for, or adults receive a mid-week day off.  No, November 11th is a day we, as a nation, have the honor to pause.  We remember our loved ones who fought for our country, those that may have seen war, or those that protected our borders.  We reserve this day to thank a veteran.

As a kid, I was so proud of my grandfathers; each of the three were veterans.  One fought in WWII with the Army, while the other two traveled the world protecting other countries in the Navy.  My uncle worked his way up the ladder to become an authority figure in the Army stationed in numerous locations, including overseas.  Most recently, my cousin fought in Iraq with the National Guard.  I pause every Veteran’s Day to say a quick “thank you” for all they gave for our country.  Three of those are now a silent “thank you” as a prayer sent up to Heaven, while the other two I send an extra big hug to.

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My husband and I were discussing the approach of Veteran’s Day (and now it’s here!)  The veterans are responsible for so much.  They not only protect the United States, but they protect others around the world.  They walk this planet doing what is asked of them, never questioning the reasons.  Many of them chose this life without any doubts.

I see veterans throughout every day.  Some are friends from high school that I follow on social media.  Some are ones that I work with and volunteer with.  Others, I see wearing their hats with pride in the community.  Since we see these men and women on a daily basis, all who stood up for our country on a daily basis, they should be honored 365 days a year – not just one.

Just like last month – October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month – where all things pink have come and gone, does not mean that breast cancer patients and survivors should be placed aside.  People everywhere are dealing with this disease.  The impact lasts 365 days a year, not just one month.

On this day, and every other day, I challenge you.  I challenge you to thank that veteran for their service.  Just like any other breast cancer survivor, I live daily with the outcome of the disease.  These veterans live daily with their memories.  They deserve to be honored EVERY DAY.

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