Putting Thought To Paper Gave Me This…

For more than a year now, I have written over 100 blog posts. This post makes number 122! Writing, at times, can be very trying. There are days when writing comes easily; where everything flows naturally. Then there are days where it seems to be the biggest struggle. I attempt to always relate the posts back to my cancer and how it affects me. Sometimes, it’s a big stretch as I’m reaching far out to grab a topic. Other times, it’s a huge success.

No matter how effortless or difficult the writing may be, there has always seemed to be a common thread through it all. This thread cannot be seen by the eye, nor read through all my posts. It’s a feeling only I can feel. It’s a feeling of PURE RELIEF.


When I took on this role of writing a bi-weekly blog it was with the intention to help others through their journey of breast cancer – no matter where they currently are in their journey. I have been able to touch on many aspects of my own journey, that of my sister’s, and even a little about my mom and grandma. I have been able to provide educational information, my personal opinions, and what it is like every day for a cancer survivor.

Writing this blog has taught me so much more. It has taught me that writing can be therapeutic. When I was a young girl, I used to write in a diary. Usually it involved the basic school girl crush and never the feelings I had deep inside. However, with this blog, I get to express myself more than I ever did when I was in elementary school. I have the privilege of sharing my successes and numerous concerns. I get to release some of my pent up feelings and thoughts. I get to LET IT GO!

I have never felt the sigh of relief I receive when I write. It’s truly an amazing feeling. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to express myself and even more blessed to know that I am able to share a part of my life in hopes that I can help someone through their struggles.

Now, go put pen to paper. Yell at the world. Write down your questions and concerns. Give your thoughts a place to lay their heads. Let your mind and heart experience the sigh of relief they need.

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