This Adventure Tested Our Fears Of Speed And Height

A couple years ago I came across a news report about ziplining in Canada for breast cancer. These brave women shed their tops, some even shed their clothes altogether, to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This event intrigued me. Yes, they raised money for breast cancer. Yes, many of them shed some of their clothes. Yes, it is an all-female adventure. Yes, they all had fun with laughter being heard from start to finish. Yes, they even made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest number of naked zippers. In spite of all this, I was more intrigued with ziplining itself.

I’m not that big of a fan of pushing myself into dangerous activities. In fact, I will shy away from jumping off a bridge or out of a plane for fear of safety. I like to have my all my parts in tact in case something goes terribly wrong. However, here I was, watching ziplining video after video. I was finding that I wanted to strap myself to cables way above the ground zipping from tree to tree across a beautiful river. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone to get that laughter the women had above.


My sister’s birthday trip was just the opportunity I needed to do this. The three of us (my mom, sister, and I), all breast cancer survivors, needed to learn to live a little more than what we do now. We needed to test our weaknesses, take those limits and stretch them further than we’d like. Some may be afraid of heights and fast speeds (like our mom), others may be afraid of stepping out and doing something they’re not use to. We just needed to do something together that would strengthen our bond. And, ziplining it was!

We found the most “family-friendly” zip course to help alleviate the panic of those fear of heights and fast speeds. These ziplines would test both those fears. We needed to find the easiest ones possible, or someone would walk away from it all.

All three of us participated in five ziplines, ranging in speeds and distances. If one didn’t test your strength and fears, the next one would have. The adrenaline rushes, the smiles on our faces, the thrill of doing this adventure together kept us going. I cannot wait for my next ziplining trip. I’m already planning on one next year with my husband and daughter. However, more importantly, I cannot wait for the next adventure with my mom and sister to test our limits.

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