Angela’s Corner: Celebrating

2013 06 16_Father's Day 2013_0136What do you do when you end your treatments? You celebrate in one form or another, of course! In this case, I waited to celebrate my one year cancerversary. October 4th came quickly after my March 29th implant surgery – as fast as six months could really go by. I wanted to throw a party. I wanted to fundraise for cancer. I wanted to go big or go home!

After all my wants, what did I do? My husband and I along with a couple of close friends went to dinner instead. Even though I did not live up to the plans I wanted to do, I still had a blast. Commemorating with the ones I love, the ones that helped me through it all was the best form of celebration. It was just want I needed for my soul.

I still have plans to celebrate, and I often do many times a day. You will often find me wearing a pink bracelet or my “Warrior” necklace as a reminder of the success I achieved. To me, it’s important to remember. Even though I tend to relive my diagnosis every time I sit down to write, I have honestly moved on. Sometimes it is difficult, but most of the time I am honored to tell my story. My sister is here today because of my diagnosis. I have had the privilege of speaking in front of hundreds about my experience. It has made me realize that sweating the small stuff that happens on a daily basis isn’t worth the time; cherishing the life I lead is. Cherishing the time with family and friends, and basically living is what has become important to me. Having that reminder around my wrist or my neck helps me remember to breath and live the life I choose to live.

Now, when I hit five years cancer free, you better believe it when I say I am going big. I’m not letting that cancerversary go by quietly.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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