The Angel That Supported My Sister During Chemo

When it comes to chemotherapy, it really is not a lot of fun being hooked up to an IV drip.  You’re sitting down strapped to an IV line for a few hours.  Sometimes there are numerous other cancer patients and their support in the same room.  Sometimes, it’s just you.  Chemotherapy can be a lot of fun, depending on who you bring with you.

My sister Erica had her husband join her during her first two appointment sessions.  After that, this amazing soul stepped in to take over.  Amy, our newest soul sister, asked to take Erica to her appointments.  Erica and Amy were friends in high school, lost touch during their college years, and recently reignited their friendship due to the wonders of Facebook.  Since they lived fairly close to each other, Amy wanted to be there for Erica.  She knew attending those dreaded chemotherapy sessions was where she could be utilized the most.  If it wasn’t for Amy and the humor she often brought with her, the appointment time would have dragged on.


Erica and Amy often had great conversations during the chemo treatments.  I may not be privy to the details, but knowing the two of them, they ranged from heart-felt to comical.  They created a private group called “Cocktails with Erica” with some close high school friends.  At that time, Erica was having a mixture of chemo treatments and called it her own personal cocktail.  It stuck with us all.  This group often became a support system to Erica not only while in her chemo treatments, but throughout the rest of the week as well.  Without these people in Erica’s life, I realize the struggle would have been much harder on her.

As I said earlier, Amy is our newest soul sister.  She is an angel sent from Heaven above.  She has a kindred spirit, is always full of joy, and yet is as quick witted as our sister should be.  We have welcomed Amy into our family with open arms, and I don’t believe we will ever let her go after all her support she has shown not only to Erica during her cancer journey, but for me as well while I continue on mine.

During chemotherapy, it seems to be a matter of perspective.  You can sit there in solitude, or you can bring a family member or friend to help pass the time.  You can enjoy the time you have with those in attendance or not.  But, I can tell you for sure that the more fun you have the quicker the time will go by.

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