Angela’s Corner: Divided by Distance

2013-09-02_13-45-51_46When it comes to family, I would do just about anything.  I would move mountains and part the ocean if I could.  When life gets in the way, as we all know it happens, I’m disappointed that I am unable to be with my family.

My sister and I are the only ones out of our extended family that really moved away.  I am the furthest by an extra three hours.  I often miss family gatherings, birthdays, and all but one holiday.  It’s not uncommon to be the last to hear any exciting news, like an announcement of an expectant bundle of joy.  I have come to accept this, yet it still hurts to know I’m unable to be there for all the fun and excitement.

When my sister was diagnosed and a treatment plan was in place, I knew I needed to do something.  I often referred to surfing the internet.  It’s amazing the information you can find.  This time, I was on the lookout for information on chemotherapy.  What are the side effects of chemotherapy?  What personal stories could help me understand what would really happen?  What is some of the best advice they would provide someone just entering into the unknown?

I have learned throughout the years that chemo can take a huge toll on your body and soul.  I wanted to help my sister through her treatments when I couldn’t be there in person.  I found that reading personal testaments from those who have been through it all was the most beneficial.  The one thing that stuck out to me the most was creating a “chemo bag” to take to treatments.  I loved all the amazing recommendations, but I knew I needed to be a little creative to create a personal and meaningful bag for my sister.

It was a pleasure to develop such a bag for Erica.  Whether she used the items or not, I knew she would appreciate the gesture.  (Don’t worry!  Next Monday’s blog will include my bag contents and other items you may want to include in your own “chemo bag.”)

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