Angela’s Corner: Fundraising by Friends

IMGP9805Both my sister and I have some amazing friends. I posted a while back about some fundraisers that were thrown for my benefit, along with some fundraiser pointers if you would like to help someone else out.

While my sister tends to be less vocal with her cancer than I am with mine, she made her first Facebook announcement just before her bi-lateral mastectomies – it’s not official until it’s Facebook official, right? Her friends were there for her with numerous comments of love, encouragement, and many prayers. It took her a little while to digest her news of a stage jump before she posted again. Once she did, those friends were there for her again. These were friends she hadn’t seen since high school or college. These were friends that she’d only started to get to know again via social media.

One of her friends from high school decided to step up to help financially. He knew he could not just sit still and watch her fight without extra support. We all know cancer comes with a hefty price tag, and any extra assistance for Erica would be greatly appreciated. What was more important to Erica’s family was the amount of support that we witnessed. Emotional support means more to us than any financial support.

Friends new and old, friends near and far all came together for one great night in March to show my sister just how much she was loved. A family-friendly restaurant (until the evening time) was a terrific setting for the all-day event. Music, dancing, silent auction items, and bracelets and t-shirts to sell were great ways to raise money. With the funds raised, Erica was able to utilize it to pay many of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with her cancer.

“Kicking Cancer to the Curb”, as Erica’s fundraiser was called, was a huge success. The amount of love, laughter, and support was beyond our imaginations. Tears often crept into my vision as I watched the numerous hugs my sister received and the kind words that were said. I had a smile all night long watching my sister in her element. Erica was loved in high school, and loved still today. I thank every one of those friends (and family members) that came to show their support. There is that saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, the same can be said for beating cancer. It takes a village to help provide the emotional strength, and even financial assistance, needed to kick cancer to the curb.

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