Angela’s Corner: Fundraising for Others

Photo credit: Lynette Smith Photography
Photo credit: Lynette Smith Photography

Being diagnosed with cancer will often bring a huge financial burden with it. Family and close friends may seek a way to help ease that financial strain. Others will want to help, but not necessarily know what to do. Through the years, I have seen various types of fundraisers in support of individuals affected by cancer treatments. Are you curious what may work? Look at my list for some ideas.

  • Car Wash: Honestly, who doesn’t like a clean car? Supporting a car wash for a cause always seems to be worth it. If you’re the one organizing or participating in the car wash, enjoy the water. There’s nothing better than a good water fight with friends.
  • Bake Sale: Organizing a bake sale may take time in the kitchen, plus all the sampling to be had, but bake sales can bring in a ton of money. Inform others of the cause and donations will come soaring in.
  • Chili/Spaghetti feeds: The way to any man’s heart is through their stomach, right? That would hold true even with a fundraiser. Gather friends and family for a great dinner.
  • Restaurant support: More often than not, restaurants are willing to help out the community. Holding a fundraiser at their establishment not only helps benefit the restaurant, but could benefit you even more.
  • Bracelet sales: One of the easiest fundraisers I have seen is where people sell rubber bracelets with a simple slogan like “Team Angela” to show their support. Bracelets are inexpensive to purchase and sell. Wearing a bracelet on a wrist may be the best way someone can show their support.
  • T-shirt sales: The upfront cost of creating a t-shirt could possibly be expensive, but I know from experience that t-shirts sell. There are even t-shirt sites online that will help with the shirt designs and upfront costs. Just watch out, you may need to sell a certain number of shirts before they will print the order.
  • Silent Auction and Chance Drawings (raffles): Both of these can bring in thousands of dollars. It may take time to organize and acquire items, but often proves to be the most beneficial.
  • Penny or Coin drive: If you are holding a fundraiser at a school or at your place of business, coin drives can be as easy as cutting into a birthday cake. Placing containers out on the counter for others to deposit their spare change is simple to do.
  • Flamingo flocking: I have seen this in action and it’s amazing! Flocking a yard with little pink flamingos asking for a donation, stating who nominated them, and providing payment requirements (Ex: To remove flamingos pay $10. To nominate someone else to be flocked: $10. To buy flock insurance to not be flocked again: $40.) There’s a chance these can move around the neighborhood quickly. Gather friends to help.
  • Photo booth: Many photographers would be happy to donate their services. Whether you arrange a day for mini-family photo sessions or set-up a photo booth with fun and exciting props, you can’t go wrong.
  • Online fundraising websites: There are a number of online fundraising websites. Putting your personal story online may provide an easier opportunity for friends and family near and far to show you their support. The website could easily be shared among social media sites and emails. Getting the word out is important and necessary for success.
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