Angela’s Corner: Giving Thanks For My Medical Team

I have had some amazing medical doctors throughout my life. Many of them take the time to listen to me and my concerns. On the other hand, I have had some doctors that lacked the skill of listening. I can honestly say I am thankful for my medical team during my cancer journey.

My team starts off with my general surgeons. They were simply amazing! They listed my options, what the benefits were, and what the side effects could be. They never once tried to persuade my decision, or steer me into a direction I did not want to go. These are the people that take care of you while under the knife, and it’s imperative to be on the same page.

Next up is myIMG_0918 plastic surgeon. He, seriously, is one of my favorite doctors of all time. I enjoyed his up-beat and positive attitude. I was thrilled to walk into his office for my “fill-up” days and joke around when able. He gave me one of the best pieces of advice I carry with me today, “Let your body be your guide.” In his context, it was to deal with my implants and the recovery stage. Since then, it helps when exercising or attempting to push my arm and chest limits.

My last medical team member is the one I see the most, my oncologist. I am forever grateful for this man. He has taken the time to talk not only to me, but my husband and mother. He has listened to all of my concerns, my crazy wishes, my ambitions, and anything else I feel the need to talk about. He has taken an interest in my health and of those in my family who also have had breast cancer. He looks at the whole picture and not just one specific concern.

Having a good team to back you up during your journey is imperative. I have had some doctors that will quote statistics and refer only to guidelines rather than treat me as a person or a co-worker, because ultimately that’s what we are – we work together. It’s okay to break-up with a doctor that does not jive with you, and it is okay to hold on tight to the ones that work best with you. Having a good medical team to see you through all stages of your journey is worth being thankful for.

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