Angela’s Corner: Inspiration

IMG_1000_edited-1I am not one to look at myself and think, “Wow!  I’m an inspiration.”  I am slowly starting to realize that I, too, can be that person who can inspire others to conquer cancer.  However, I usually see it the other way around.

I see inspiration in the women I meet on a daily basis.  I see it in those women who contact me and ask for advice or my story to help assist them through a certain situation.  I see these women as inspiring because they are the ones that, although they have a huge battle on their hands, keep chugging along in their daily lives.  They do not accept the troubles that cancer can give them because they have kids to take care of or a job to attend to.  To them, cancer is not an end all.  They look cancer straight in the face, accept the challenge, and fight to win the battle.  These women are the ones that truly inspire me.

I see inspiration in the people that take on the role as a caregiver.  They are often selfless in their role, only looking out for the patient.  Often times, they carry the stress of multiple people: the patient, themselves, their family members, and more.  Their well-being (physically and emotionally) is just as important, but often because of their selflessness they become last on their own list.  These caregivers love with all their heart and soul.  They pray for the health of their loved ones.  They ache to take the pain away.  Without our caregivers, a cancer patient’s journey may be an even bigger struggle.

I see inspiration all around me, but I rarely see myself as one.  I read many of the comments on the blog posts I write or on Facebook when a blog is shared.  I see women telling their stories.  Those women are the ones that inspire me to keep writing.  They inspire me to keep making a difference.  They inspire me to keep fighting.  I may inspire, encourage, and motivate others through my story, but I want to thank all of you that do the same for me.  I hope to inspire each of you as much as you have me.

‘I want to inspire people.  I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up.”’


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