Angela’s Corner: Making Memories

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I have an urge to reminisce.  While growing up, my siblings and I often received a small box of chocolates.  I never felt that I needed anything from my parents.  It’s the love that they showed me on a daily basis that meant more to me.  The hugs, kisses, and warm gentle smiles is what I remember the most and have cherished for years.

My husband and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Sure, we may go out to dinner instead of cooking at home, but the fact that we are together is what I crave the most.  Cards and gifts are rarely purchased for each other, and if we happen to be near a card display during the holiday we’ll peruse the displays to pick out just the right card for each other.  After exchanging cards, we’ll put them back in their places and enjoy a good laugh at our escapades.


Over the years we have realized it’s more about making memories than it is about giving each other “stuff”.  For our daughter, we try to strive more for the memories, but it was not until my cancer diagnosis that we realized that.  Her birthday will be in a few months.  Initially, she wanted a bowling party with friends.  She quickly changed her mind to taking a trip to somewhere she has never been before.  To her, it’s finally about making those memories with her family that she’ll be able to cherish for years to come.

Valentine’s Day, as many see, is a day to show your loved ones you care.  However, as a cancer survivor, that day should be every day.  I don’t take the time I have with my family and friends for granted.  I strive to show them that they are cared for daily.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do that; I would not have felt the love and support during my cancer journey as much as I did.  I am appreciative of the memories we make, to enjoy the time we spend together, and to enjoy the laughter and the tears.  Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but I’m aiming to show those I love my love all 365 days.

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