Angela’s Corner: New Year, New You

IMG_0090 (2)I have never been a fan of New Year resolutions. When I see something that needs changing, my hope is to change it immediately. However, I have noticed my changes lately lack in motivation, in credibility, and fizzle out quickly. I think it’s time to start focusing on those changes again.

Not sweating the small stuff is my first resolution. I often let things slide off my shoulders with ease, but there are those times when I just cannot let them go. I have seen an increase in this since starting my Tamoxifen – a change in my attitude that is not always appreciated. A change that hurts my heart and others where I’m quick to anger and hit my frustration level even quicker.

I’ve also noticed an increase in my blood pressure along with carrying an extra fifteen pounds of unwanted weight. Could this be another side effect from my Tamoxifen or just the added stress I have put on myself? This year I pledge to reduce both the blood pressure and my weight. Becoming healthier is my number one priority in 2015. Eating a better diet and exercising more frequently is definitely in my near future. Making that lifestyle change will be hard, but I am determined to stick to it. After all, it’s important not just for my physical health, but my mental health as well.

In addition to all the above, I have noticed that my life is becoming more chaotic since my diagnosis. I am working more hours to pay off those many bills I have accumulated from my diagnosis. I have also put forth more hours and responsibilities trying to fundraise for cancer research. While all of these are important, the time I spend away from my family is taking a toll. I have the privilege of sending my husband and daughter off to work and school in the morning, but often do not get to see them until nearly bed time. I cherish the time I have with the ones I love, but I definitely would like some more time to cherish.

I love the life I have, but I’m looking at making the changes I need to in order to improve on that life. Cancer has shown me what’s most important in my life. I just need to keep those things in the forefront where they are my focus. My resolutions involve my family and my mental and physical health. Improving on my health helps improve on my family.

Set your resolutions to what means the most to you. Focus on what you love, what you cherish, what you want to see happen in your life. Make 2015 the year of you!

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